Women Creating Market Pull for nutri-dense traditional African Vegetables

Counties: Busia, Kakamega, Kisumu
Focus areas; Production through modern kitchen garden technologies Vegetable Aggregation and Market Linkages for Incomes and Trade Value Addition and Agro-Processing technologies

School Gardening Programme for Sustainable access to Nutritious Foods

Counties: Busia, Kakamega, Kisumu
Focus Counties:Busia, Kakamega, Kisumu
Schools: Mugaasa, Koteko, Shatsala, Ganjala
Description- setting up of school gardens and planting nutritious foods including orange-fleshed sweetpotato for children’s lunch and snack time for the provision of healthy meals during school eating time

Eliminating Stunting in Early Childhood Education Centres in Western Kenya

Growth Monitoring and Complementary/Therapeutic Feeding Programme for Early Childhood Education Centres in Western Kenya NutriServe has equipped community growth promoters with technological support through Nutriscan app that enables them to profile nutrition status for children under the ECD Centres and recommend specific food products that best provides nutrition requirements for children in specific nutrition status. Support this project: USD 50 will keep a child under Acute Malnutrition on rehabilitation nutrition products for 3 months

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Food Processing Tools in the hands of Women in Africa

Food processing in Africa prevents Food Loss by 45% and provides nutrition dense-foods for their families USD 200 will provide a feasible tool in the hand of a women farmer in Kenya with peanut processing equipment and Training for 1 year

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Youth Agro-Processing Entrepreneurship for Africa -YAPA

This programme empowers the Youth in Urban and rural village to be part for of the wider Agro-Industry network by processing nutritious products that can be sold through NutriServe network for employment creation as well as support for a vibrant rural Agricultural production. This is an intense and rigorous Programme designed to graduate Youths into Aggressive entrepreneurs through an incubation approach that takes 6 months each cohort having 20 Youth Entrepreneurs. Donating USD 600 per month for 3 months keeps a youth into this promising programme and secures their future as entrepreneurs

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