AFRICIAT is a leading Pan African Company that designs and delivers business solutions for entrepreneurial community throughenterprise and Market development approaches. We design Entrepreneurial Innovations that createsolutions and positively impact people through access to quality services and products for better livelihoods. Our experiences across Sub-Saharan Africa gives us the best impetus to partner with any organization to deliver market based solutions that alleviate poverty and promote inclusive growth of rural and urban based economies.

Eliminating Stunting in Early Childhood Education Centres in Western Kenya

NutriServe has equipped community growth promoters with technological support through Nutriscan app that enables them to profile nutrition status for children under the ECD Centres and recommend specific food products that best provides nutrition requirements for children in specific nutrition status

School Gardening Programme for Sustainable access to Nutritious Foods

Focus Counties:Busia, Kakamega, Kisumu Schools: Mugaasa, Koteko, Shatsala, Ganjala Description setting up of school gardens and planting nutritious foods including orange-fleshed sweetpotato for children’s lunch and snack time for the provision of healthy meals during school eating time.
Youth Agro-Processing Entrepreneurship for Africa -YAPA

This programme empowers the Youth in Urban and rural village to be part for of the wider Agro-Industry network by processing nutritious products that can be sold through NutriServe network for employment creation as well as support for a vibrant rural Agricultural production. This is an intense and rigorous Programme designed to graduate
Our Target Clients

Farmer organizations
In this category, AFRICIAT develops training modules with an aim of producing long-term behavioral change in production, aggregation and marketing of commodity for viable and profitable value chains. The training approaches include practical simulations, exposure learning tours, value chain governance efficiency, collective action in input and output markets.

Developing Organizations
Key skills required for facilitation of African enterprises into global marketplace competitiveness are what AFRICIAT through continuous innovation brings into consideration.

Our Partners